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Shapla is the name of the national flower of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi food stands out among the regional cuisines of India.Shapla is one of the best indian takeaway in Edinburgh city centre. Our style uses fresh herbs and Aromatic spices, usually stir-fried for maximum freshness of flavour and variety texture.

Your chef, Mr Kabir, has been catering to discerning dinners for over thirty years. Where ever you choose an old favourite or something new, you are sure to enjoy the Shapla diference.


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Of all of the takeaways I have tried in Edinburgh, this is by far my favourite. The portions are generous and everything tastes like it has been freshly made - I tend to order a 'usual' and it's slightly different each time, which I think is a good sign! I'm a particular fan of the saag paneer and daal sides, both of which have *gasp* identifiable ingredients in rather than oddly coloured sludge! Pick up time is usually about 20-30 minutes, delivery around to an hour, so if you can pop on down, I'd suggest it.